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Parents' Corner


Welcome to Petite Etoile's parent corner.

How to support your child's language learning at home:

  • Click here for our 2 minute support videos, watch with your child and get them to teach you!

  • Put key words around the house.

  • Sing along with our 'Singing French' CD in the kitchen or in the car!

  • Like cooking? Try some of Petite Etoile's easy recipes!

Culture Corner


Did you know that the 2nd of February is pancake day in France?  The tradition is called 'La Chandeleur' and when flipping your pancake you should do so with a coin in your left hand to ensure life long prosperity!  Try our family's pancake recipe and check out our pics! Send us some of your own!

Try our Croque-Monsieur Challenge!  Try making the French classic and send us a pic! We've found an easy-peasy recipe - click to watch the video!


  • Have you heard of 'LA FETE DE SAINT NICHOLAS' ?
    On the 6th December if you live in the North and East of France, children will leave their shoes in front of the fireplace in the hope that St Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Children will leave them goodies inside.

  • LE REVEILLON is Christmas Eve.  French families will eat a big meal on Christmas Eve.

  • The French don't normally send Christmas cards but they will send a Happy New Year Card.  

  • LA FETE DES ROIS: on the 6th January (Epiphany)the French will celebrate with a 'Galette des Rois;' a King Cake.  The youngest child will sit under the table and shout out names.  It is served in that order.  Hidden inside, is a 'FEVE' (a charm).  The person that finds it becomes King or Queen for a Day and wears a a cardboard crown. 

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