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Scroll down for videos designed to teach families some fun French. 
Les enfants - children - this is a good time to teach Mum and Dad and show
them what you know! There are:


-  lessons in Team Home School with ideas of games and activities to do as a family

stories in our Story Time section

songs in our Sing Along section

Please keep me posted with pics of the activities you
complete and let me know if I can share them on the
website for your friends and family to see. 

In addition, click on the coloured buttons for FREE French workbooks:  yellow button for a French workbook created by Rachel Hawkes  - she has created some fabulous activities that I have pulled together into one document for you; pink button for a French workbook created by Mr French aimed at year 3 and green button for a French workbook created by Mr French for year 4, 5 and 6.  Mr French's workbooks have answers in the back - parfait! 

Get in touch if you want any help with them, Madame Kaler is here to help you!


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What's new?
Quoi de neuf?


Let's learn about Paris!

Click here for an interactive presentation and map of many key sights in Paris.  Thanks to the very talented Anna-Kate Fuller for sharing this incredible resource.



Story Time...  Lisons...


Sing along!  Chantons!

Here are some of our fave songs, let us know if you'd like  us to add one!

bilinguasing tv.JPG

Click onto the 'Bilinguasing' logo to take you to Ellie Baker's  FREE online French course for KS1-3.  All resources created by the fantastic Ellie Baker, founder of Ellie Baker Education.  

Click on the image below for a FREE subscription to Ellie's youtube channel 'Bilinguasing TV' which is used alongside the resources above.  Get singing!

bilinguasing youtube.JPG


Let's move!  Bougeons!

Want to get up and move?  Do the Kidslingo '5 minute wake-up and shake-up' with the rest of your family!



Let's play! Jouons!

Many thanks to Suzi Bewell, the creator of @PollyGlotLanguages for a French cultural game of Monopoly: click the logo below.  Get the whole family involved!

polly glot langs.jpg
culture monopoly.JPG

Apps... Les applis...

lyrics training logo.JPG

Lyricstraining: Like listening to music?  Listening to French songs is one of the best ways to learn French and improve your pronunciation and listening skills. Click on the logo to access the site. 

Get your free login, choose French as your language then the beginners level.  Click on 'choice' tab to give you a choice of French words to drag and drop into the song lyrics.    


Websites... Les site-webs..

langsonline.gif A well-known free site with vocabulary games on a variety of topics plus brilliant for grammar with explanations and exercises online that are marked for you.

Free French games online for 100+ topics.


Let's laugh! On rigole!

Send a video of you telling a joke in French to Madame Kaler.  Do you have French friends or family?  Ask them for a new one! 


An interview with IKEA:
'Please, do sit down.'

"Pourquoi les elephants n'ont ils pas d'ordinateur?
'Parce qu'ils ont peur des souris.'

"Why do elephants not have a computer?

'Because they are scared of mice.'


Recommended sites...

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Mr French 1.png
Mr French 2.png