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Make the most out of being at home with la famille <the family> this weekend and do some fun French craft activities. 

- Colour les oeufs de Paques  <Easter eggs>

- Make an Easter card with un poussin qui sort de son oeuf
<a chick popping out of its egg>  

- Painting  les oeufs <eggs> with les pommes de terre <potatoes>


- Get out la pate a modeler  <play doh> 


- Use your French dictionary skills to write un poeme <a poem>


 It's all here and tested by our family!  Please send me pics and videos of any activities you complete, with your permission I will upload them onto the website under your school page, for all friends and family to see!


Amusez-vous bien!  Have fun!


Les cartes de voeux...   Easter cards...

1. Faites des oeufs des pommes de terre!

Make eggs from potatoes!


2. Le poussin qui sort de son oeuf!

The chick popping out of its egg!


Les inscriptions ...   Words for inside your card...

Cher   -    Dear (to a male)
Chere* -   Dear (to a female)

Grand-pere* - Grandad
Grand-mere* - Grandma

Papa - Daddy

Maman - Mummy

Cher Papa et Chere Maman
To Daddy and Mummy

Bisous - Love from

* Please research accents for your 'e' - Madame Kaler hasn't worked out how to do this yet on her website!

Le Printemps est magique!

Il transforme les oeufs en chocolat,

Les tempetes* en arc en ciel,

Les bourgeons en fleurs,

Les vers en papillons,
Et...les ronchons en gai-lurons!


Spring is magic!

It transforms eggs into chocolate,

Storms into rainbows,

Buds into flowers,

Caterpillars into butterflies,
And.. the grumpy become cheerful!


Drawing of Rabbit

Les paniers de Paques ...   Easter baskets

Once you have made your Easter eggs with potato print designs, put them in a homemade Easter basket!  

All you need is some paper plates,  coloured paper, paint and ribbon.


Es tu poete?   Are you a poet?

Fancy making up your own poem?  Use a French-English dictionary or to find an object to complete each line of the poem.  


Les coloriages...   Colouring by numbers...

Practise your colours in French and click on the image to colour in some Easter Eggs!

Carrying Pencil

La pate a modeler...   Play doh!

Make some Easter items out of play doh!  Click on the image and download some sheets that tell you what to make in French - use the picture to help you!

Easter Bunny

Chantons!   Sing Along!

Of course we must have a sing-along!  Click on the image for a French Easter song and click here to download the words.

Girl with Basket of Easter Eggs
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