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We are so pleased to be working with Riseley Primary School.  Petite Etoile
currently teaches an after school French club to KS2 pupils on a Wednesday
after school.


What will your child gain by learning French with Petite Etoile?

  • Enthusiasm for language learning

  • Open mindedness and a receptive attitude to other cultures

  • Awareness of the French culture and similarities and differences to our culture

  • Knowledge of French grammar relating to nouns, verbs and adjectives which in turn enhances and reinforces the pupils’ general literacy awareness

  • Confidence

  • Teamwork and peer support

  • A growth mindset with a detective like approach to unfamiliar language

How do we deliver French at Riseley Primary?

  • An after school French club every Wednesday for KS2 pupils.

  • Clear routines of meeting and greeting in French to help pupils feel safe and secure.

  • Songs, stories and games alongside a structured workbook.

Quoi de neuf? What's new?
Summer Term 2022:


We are pleased to welcome you to the Riseley Primary French Page!  

  • There are short videos of key topics; watch these as a recap or watch with Mum and Dad and teach them! Scroll down....  

  • Like cooking?  A French recipe booklet with simple traditional recipes is available here thanks to the brilliant Madame Birtwistle for you to try at home.

  • Half Term Challenge: make a croque monsieur!  See the link here to access our recipe page then click on the recipe button for a video on how to make a Croque Monsieur.  Send us some pics!
    Bon Appetit!  

Word mats: Click below to see stage 1 vocabulary. 

Extra! Fancy more of a challenge?

If your son or daughter would like more of a challenge, visit our 'Team Home School' page via the button below.  Here you will find songs, stories and nursery rhymes to watch and join with.  Let me know how you get on! I'd love to see some pics or videos! Email me: 

Check out the BBC Bitesize Primary French website for Key Stage 2.  This has recently been updated and has great activites, songs, stories and games that practise a range of topic areas.  Click on the image below and let us know how you get on.

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Sing along!  Chantons!

Story Time...  Lisons...


Key Stage 2 French Club 

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